I'm Cait, a professional writer + full-time PNW adventure seeker.

Cait hiking along the Mt. Margaret trail near Mt. St. Helens
Cait and Dalton smiling in front of Lena Lake in Washington state

That bearded guy is Dalton! We moved from Kansas to Washington in January of 2021 to follow our wondrous desire for adventure, mountains, forests, and the ocean. 

The goal of TFC is to make hiking, camping, backpacking, and outdoor adventure more accessible for everyday wanderers (without damaging the Earth) through in-depth trail guides, sustainability advice, hiking gear reviews, and tips + tricks we pick up in the wilderness.

Cait wearing a blue hat hiking on the Eagle Peak Trail near Mt. Rainier

So far in 2021, we've wandered:

Ft. in elevation

wanna know more?

1. I play banjo!

I even faced my fears and played on stage. I got to play at a bluegrass festival once, and plucked some strings with my hometown’s county commissioner at a pub called The Artichoke!  😊

2. Dalton is an amazing cook!

He does 1,000% of the cooking and is def. the best in the northwest (I may be biased, but I don’t think so *shrugs shoulders)

3. Writing is my full-time job

I’m a full-time staff writer and researcher. I get paid the big bucks (joookes!) to review marketing tools, write about them, and share my knowledge on how to start online businesses.

4. We have two fluffy kitties

You’ll see Banksy and Miss Stache’s faces in many of our product reviews—their most important job is making sure at least one paw is in every picture (next to eating dinner and playing fetch, of course)

5. We hit the trail... every weekend (weekend warriors unite!)

We understand the importance of making the most of the few days a week you have to enjoy the outdoors. Together, we can make every adventure enjoyable, sustainable, and filled with happiness. 

6. We both grew up in kansas

And it’s exactly how you imagine it—farmers, wheat, excessive heat, extreme cold, corn, and very very very flat (with negative 39 hiking trails).